"Trouvaille - Something incredible that is discovered by                               chance or stumbled upon"

Maison Trouvaille is a Design Firm founded by Erick Garcia. The definition of trouvaille is something incredible that is discovered by chance or stumbled upon. This is inherent in his design process, finding that perfect piece or coming up with an unexpected idea that brings magic, joy and excitement to the client and finishes the space.


Born in Mexico and raised in Los Angeles, his passion for travel, fashion and exotic cultures led him on extensive travels to Africa, Europe, and Asia, all of which have had a strong impact on his inspiration and global sense of design.


After studying at the prestigious KLC School of Design in London for several years, he returned to Los Angeles, where he honed his craft at Gary Gibson Studio and Harbinger showroom. 


His current portfolio showcases residential and commercial projects spanning from Los Angeles to Asia. His work is unique to each client and works closely to ensure that the end result is timeless, beautiful and aspirational.

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